5.1 - CYCLOCROSS: CX 10 Weeks - Pre-season Prep Intermed Riders


ATHLETE LEVEL: Intermediate
8-12 hours per week
To prepare you for your upcoming CX season


Want to get a head start on your Cyclocross season? This is your chance. I have put together Cyclocross training plans for athletes looking for the extra edge heading into their season. This PREP plan will take you through the 10 weeks leading up to the start of your season and will be the perfect edge to get you ahead!

Once you have completed this plan, you will be ready for my Race season plans.

This plan is built for the intermediate cyclist in CX, and that has a solid level of fitness from cycling. If you are a recreational/fast enthusiast, then you are also perfect for this plan.

This plan is for someone with 8-12 hours of training time per week. (Note: some of the weeks will show more time, but that’s because you have multiple workout choices on some days).

If you want to be ready for Cross season, then this is the plan for you!!


Day 1: Welcome Information & Packet

Day 2: Ride: Endurance with Bursts - 1:45:00
Run: CX Run "Brick" - 0:30:00

Day 3: Strength: Bike "Lifts" - 0:10:00
Ride: Endurance Ride with Tempo - 1:30:00 

Day 4: Ride: Endurance with Bursts - 1:45:00
Run: CX Run "Brick" - 0:30:00

Day 5: Rest Day: Off

Day 6: Strength: Bike "Lifts" - 0:10:00
Ride: Endurance with Bursts - 1:45:00

Day 7: Ride: Pre-Test Short - 1:30:00

WEEK TOTALS: Time: 9:35:00
Bike Duration: 8:15:00
Run Duration:  1:00:00
                         Strength Duration: 0:20:00

PCG policies


Once you purchase the plan you will be emailed a PDF explaining how to access your training plan. Please note our store hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time. Any orders placed outside of store hours may not be filled until store hours resume.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please contact us.

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