The Next Level - Strength Training for Endurance Athletes DVD


Need to take things to the next level and unsure what to focus on when it comes to strength training as a cyclist or triathlete? The Next Level Strength Training for Endurance Athletes on DVD is the perfect choice! This is the perfect DVD for any endurance athlete wondering exactly what to do when to comes to strength training and ensuring that they are doing everything correctly.

This video was created by expert coaches and athletes focused on your performance. They will show you how to put together each workout and perform every exercise to absolute precision to ensure your training will be safe and effective. Improve your endurance sports performance, prevent injury, and get into the best shape of your life. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer, or all three, this program will take your performance to the next level.

The next level focuses on:

    • Flexibility and stability – for correcting imbalances and helping prevent injury
    • Weight training – for muscular endurance and strength
    • Power training – for acceleration and snap
    • Maintenance program – to preserve gains


Expert coaches and athletes: Jeb Stewart, MS, CSCS and Reece Haettich


Monday – Friday. 9am – 5pm Eastern Time.
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