The latest metrics & charts in WKO4 for your daily training

The latest metrics & charts in WKO4 for your daily training


WKO4 Webinar: How to use the latest metrics in WKO4 in your daily training and the latest in WKO4 charts!

Presenter: Hunter Allen

Date: March 28th at 8 pm - 9 pm EDT

Cost: 14.99


This webinar, priced at a no-brainer pricing of $14.99, will teach you how best to utilize the latest in WKO4 training metrics, so that you can plan, execute and keep your training in the correct iLevels.  FRC, Pmax and of course, a clear understanding of how to use iLevels that have been customized for you will be discussed and you will have an action plan to make those levels work for you.  Not a webinar of platitudes and empty promises,  you’ll leave with a clear step by step method to put these metrics into action starting the very next day.   Hunter Allen will also review some of the latest charts that you should be using from the collective mind of the WKO4 brain trust around the world.   This is a definite webinar to be a part of and participate in!    Sign up now,  only 100 spots available and sure to sell out!  *Yes, this webinar will be recorded and if you can’t attend live, then you’ll be able to watch it the very next day at your leisure!*



Once you have purchased the webinar, you will receive confirmation via email with the link to the registration download. You may also log into your store account and select the "My Account Option" from the top. You will then need to select "View Order History" under the heading "My Account Options". You will find your downloadable instructions available.


If you miss the webinar we will upload it for you to review. 

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