Not ready for a full time coach? Try a customized training plan!

My training plans are the result of over 20 years of coaching with data! I have reviewed thousands of power, heart rate, and perceived exertion cycling and triathlon files and have used this experience to develop highly efficient and effective training plans that maximize your training time to achieve the best results. I have updated my plans to include specific threshold / FTP test protocols and a system for updating and changing your training zones in order to ensure you are training in the correct zones and maximizing your efforts as your fitness changes. Each plan contains training zones for power, heart rate, and perceived exertion so you can utilize these highly effective training strategies regardless of which method you train.

Each plan comes with a BONUS WEEK of testing protocol included in our eBook that will help you establish your threshold and power profile (when using power)PLUS an instructional video on how to set your training zones right in your TrainingPeaks account so you can update your training zones as your fitness changes. 

There are plans for different goals, whether that is to improve your threshold power, train for a time trial, peak for an event, train smarter in the spring, summer, winter, or even race faster in cyclo-cross or mountain biking. My training plans help give structure to your daily workouts with easy to understand workouts, goals for each workout, goals each week to achieve, and also great motivational tips to help you push farther than before. Prepare for a single event or use the plans in combination to continue your cycling build throughout the season and year. You are sure to get fitter, faster and stronger using one or several of my plans! 


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Training Peaks Training Plans Plans are written in Training Peaks and include an account with plan purchase.

If you are having trouble choosing one of our training plans, we can help! If you have additional questions, contact us.