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Seminar & Keynote Topics

1. Introduction to Training with a Power Meter

Hunter will explain the basics of power training and how it has revolutionized the way athletes train. From a recreational rider to a Tour de France pro, power training is the ultimate tool to becoming fitter and faster!

    • Better understand the benefits of training and racing with a power meter.
    • Discuss the various power meters in the market and what makes each different.
    • Learn the steps to getting started with power training.
    • Review testing and zone setting protocols to identify your training needs.
    • Understand how to use your testing and historical data to build a better training program.

2. Cutting-Edge Cycling: Advanced Power Training

Next-level power education for athletes who have trained with power for a year or more, with specific case studies and race tips.

    • Advanced power training techniques focused on taking you to the next level
    • In-depth understanding of how to use your data to understand the benefits of over-reaching and the pitfalls of over-training
    • “Myth bust or confirm” long standing training practices and protocols

Annual Power Planning

This interactive presentation is a complete overview of how to build your best season ever and is supported with guides and worksheets.

    • Learn the secrets of using historical data to unlock your future potential.
    • Build your personal “power needs profile” and learn to use it as the basis of your planning.
    • Review and implement the Hunter Allen Power Advantage annual training system utilizing supporting worksheets and guides.
    • Plan your best season ever.

4.   Five Mistakes of the Self-Coached Athlete

Even Michael Jordan had a coach! One of the biggest challenges for so many category racers is the challenge of self-coaching. Hunter will teach attendees how to use their training data to identify and avoid common athlete training mistakes.

    • How to avoid the self-diagnosis mistake
    • What does hard training mean? How to more objectively manage the balance between overload and rest
    • Better understand the “what” of your training. Working hard needs a purpose. Do you really know yours?

5.    Power Racing

Power meters aren’t just for training! This interactive session is focused on building better, personal race strategies based on your data. Attendees will learn to better use their strengths and limit their weaknesses through the use of the numbers.

    • Develop and implement your race power profile.
    • Learn how to use your strengths to narrow the odds and win more races.
    • Review in-depth strategies and tactics focusing on how you can win.

Event Logistics

Seminar Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with a one-hour break for lunch.

Charge to Attendees: You decide pricing for attendees. We recommend between $99-159 for a one-day seminar and between $149-249 for a two-day seminar.

Lunch: We recommend providing lunch for your attendees. This helps keep the group closer and on track.

Prices and Booking

Booking: When a date is decided upon, we will send you a contract to complete, sign, and return to us to finalize the arrangement. A non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the event fee is required upon the execution of the contract.

Cost: Starting at $1800. Inquire for more details. 
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon the execution of the contract to secure the date.

Publicity and Promotion: We will create and provide a flyer to promote the event. We will also work with you to promote the event on our website, newsletter, blog, and social media.

Presentation Requirements:

    • A table and a blank wall for a PowerPoint presentation. We can provide a projector if needed.
    • Chairs and tables for attendees.
    • Power strips and extension cords for attendees (most will bring their computers).

If a bike ride is included in the event, at least two ride leaders are required, as well as a support car for mechanical support, extra water, and food. The route should be at least twenty minutes in duration and should be through low traffic areas with no stop lights, if possible, for accurate testing.


Contact us for more details and to lock in a date! We look forward to partnering with you for a powerful and memorable event.

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