2.2-POWER THRESHOLD:Improve your FTP Weeks 9-16 of 16 ***NEW***

****NEW**** (Workout Builder format)

The included plan has been converted to Training Peaks structured workout format, called Workout Builder. Not only will you see your individual training targets and zones for each workout through the daily workout e-mail reminders and mobile notifications, but you will also see a graphic representation of the workout within the Training Peaks web portal and Training Peaks mobile app. Now you can quickly get a sense of the entire Workout by taking a look at the visual representation which will show you the individual workout elements like warm up, main set(s) (including interval efforts (based upon your FTP) and cool down. You will no longer have to read through the full narrative and in some cases interpret it and calculate your FTP in order to grasp the task at hand. Structured workouts built with the Workout Builder can now be exported for use in third-party apps and select devices including Garmin, Zwift, TrainerRoad, CycleOps Virtual Training, RacerMate, Hurts Ergo and more. Simply click “Export” after building and saving your workout and select the proper file format For more detailed information regarding exporting workouts go to http://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000325647-Structured-Workout-Export This the next plan for you if you have just finished the first 8 week threshold improvement plan. We have provided an eBook on the first day of the plan that contains testing protocol and explains how to set your training zones within TrainingPeaks. That will allow you to know exactly where you are starting with the plan and provide the correct information for testing in the future. This plan is for a cyclist or triathlete who trains with power, heart rate, or rate of perceived exertion. This plan is for the athlete can train from 9 to 13 hours a week, with a couple of weeks at 15+ hours (mainly from long rides on weekends), has been cycling for at least a year, and is excited about going faster or getting into racing and/or improving their racing category. You can put in between 2-5 hours on one of your weekend days. Your goal is to increase your threshold wattage and also increase your endurance in the 8 week period. Before beginning you should be able to complete a 50 mile ride and you would like to be able to complete an 80 mile ride in the near future. You are currently riding your bike from 4-7x per week but lack direction and exactly how to best use your power meter. You would like to use your power meter to base your training on and also get a real focus to help you make it to the next level. To get the most out of this plan, it's important that you go through the testing information on day one in order to know exactly where your threshold stands. Best of luck! You can do it!


Sample Workouts:

Workout #1: Custom

Welcome to weeks 9-16 of your Cycling Threshold Improvement Plan! ------ Today you will be completing your threshold test. Make sure you follow the protocol, as you want your numbers to be as accurate as possible moving forward. The how-to for setting your zones on TrainingPeaks can be found here: http://youtu.be/nn4mVHpbBEM ------ Note that during this 8 week period, there will be multiple options on the weekend to account for races. You will need to select one option from each day on the weekend based on your race schedule. Also note, the multiple options will affect the planned time section at the end of each week. You will see a large planned time number but remember for Friday - Sunday you will only be completing ONE of the options. ------ Make sure that you have read the attached document (click on the paperclip in the top right hand corner). It's important that you understand why you are doing the workout as well as just getting out there and doing it! The document also contains testing protocol. ------ Best of luck! You are going to do awesome.

Workout #2: Bike

Planned Time: 1:15:00

MS: Today is an Active Recovery day targeting ONLY Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2). Focus on relaxing on the bike and enjoying the ride. If you have to climb some hills try to use easier gear and spin easy. Today is about recovery, so go for easy spin!

Workout #3: Bike

Now it’s time for you to set some goals! 1-3 goals a week. Write them down! Remember – these are to keep you feeling focused. Make sure you put some thought into what you want to achieve this week.

Workout #4: Other

IMPORTANT: Watch the attached video on how to set your FTP in Training Peaks as this will allow you to continually update your training zones. Follow this link for the video: http://youtu.be/nn4mVHpbBEM

Workout #5: Bike

Planned Time: 1:33:00

WU: 10-15 minutes working into Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) with 3 x 1-minute fast pedals to wake up legs. ------- MS1: Complete 8 x 2-minute intervals with 4 minutes of rest between each in the Anaerobic Capacity (Power Z6, HR Z6, RPE >7) TARGET 130% of FTP!! Stop if you can no longer maintain 118% of FTP. Try to finish each interval with a 5-second stand and sprint. These are best done on low/medium-grade climb. Recover with 10 minutes of easy spinning between each effort, and then complete MS2. ------- MS2: Then complete 3 x 1 minute efforts at Anaerobic Capacity (Power Z6, HR Z6, RPE >7) TARGET 140% of FTP. Rest for 2 minutes at Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) between each effort. Stop if you can no longer maintain 118% of FTP. ------- CD: 10-15 minutes of easy spinning in your Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2).


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