7.0 - FITNESS: Get Lean Now - Intense & Strong Beg/Int Riders


ATHLETE LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate
Road Cyclist
6-12 hours per week
To help you obtain your ideal cycling weight


This 8 week training plan is made for cyclists or triathletes who train with power, heart rate, or perceived exertion. We have provided an eBook on the first day of the plan that contains testing protocol and explains how to set your training zones within TrainingPeaks. That will allow you to know exactly where you are starting with the plan and provide the correct information for testing in the future.

This 8 week plan is for cyclists that are used to hard workouts and intensity. This is not a beginner cyclist's plan.

This plan is made for cyclist that is focused on obtaining their ideal cycling weight through smart training and nutrition. This plan will put you on the path to smart training, in order to ramp up your metabolism for optimal fat burning, reduce your overall body fat percentage and improve your fitness.

This plan is for the focused cyclist with 6 to 12 hours a week to train and who likes to train hard. Don't worry if you have a little less time than that, you'll be able to adjust easily with my guidance tips at the beginning of each week.

These workouts are challenging and you'll need to be fueled properly for them, but it is a fine balance of too much fuel and not enough.

Be patient with yourself in the first couple of weeks and make sure you take extra food with you on your rides in case you need it.

Do your best and you'll make your fitness and ideal cycling weight goal in short time!

Get your plan now and reach your ideal weight sooner than you thought possible!


Day 1: Welcome Information & Packet

Day 2: Ride: Tempo - 40 minutes - 1:00:00

Day 3: Ride: Active Recovery - 1:30:00

Day 4: Ride: Tempo w/AC Bursts - 1:00:00

Day 5: Ride: Classic FTP Intervals 2x15min - 1:30:00

Day 6: Ride: Endurance Ride - 3:00:00

Day 7: Ride: Endurance Ride - 2:00:00

WEEK TOTALS: Time: 10:00:00
Bike Duration: 10:00:00


Once you purchase the plan you will be emailed a PDF explaining how to access your training plan. Please note our store hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time. Any orders placed outside of store hours may not be filled until store hours resume.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions, please contact us.

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