InfoCrank Classic

Power Coaching Verve InfoCrank


Classic-format race double on 130 mm BCD spider: integrated power meter in each crank accurately measures power produced by left and right legs and sends high-grade dual datastream to ANT+ head units. Stiff, lightweight cranks come in three standard lengths and are fit for every kind of racing and competition; finish in satin-anodized silver or black.

Add on Praxis Works LevaTime™ drop-forged 53/39T ring pair for perfect shifts and long service life; fits most standard 5-bolt rings.


  • Clean, modern cranks engineered to world-leading standards 
  • Linear load-path design measures pure torque, rejects noise S
  • Standard 24mm Axle 
  • Standard 130 BCD with 5 Tooth Spider fits many after market chainrings 
  • Supplied with optional 53/39 Praxis Works Levatime rings 
  • 145 mm Q-factor


  • Strain gauges made in USA
  • Bilateral power measurement
  • User-replaceable batteries (Silver Oxide, SR44/357)
  • Over 500 hours battery life
  • ANT+ bike computer compatible
  • Factory-calibrated for life
  • Compensates for ambient temperature, no drift
  • IPX7 waterproofing resists 1 m immersion


  • Cranks available in 170, 172.5, 175 mm lengths 
  • Standard 9/16-inch pedal threads accept all major pedals
  • InfoCrank will fit standard 24mm bottom bracket 
  • Single-bolt ISIS non-driveside crank


  • ANT+ communication protocol is compatible with all major bike computers
  • o_synce computer works with most training programs


  • Ingress protection level: IPX7
  • Operating humidity: 0–100%
  • Impact rating: Withstands typical on-road impacts
  • UV resistance: > 5000 hrs
  • Vibration: Typical on-road vibration resistance
  • Chemical resistance: Resists typical lubricants and bike cleaning chemicals


  • Power range: 0–3000 Watts
  • Cadence range: 10–200 rpm
  • Accuracy of cadence: ±1 rpm
  • Accuracy torque: ±0.2 Nm accuracy for measurements below 20 Nm, and ±1% of actual readings for measurements above 20 Nm (ask for our Accuracy Certification)
  • Power: Can be calculated from any cadence value within the range at any torque
  • Power update rate: Every rotation
  • Battery: User replaceable, SR44 (silver oxide)
  • Battery life: Over 500 hours (operational)
  • Shelf life: 3 years (batteries installed)
  • Wireless communications: ANT+ protocol
  • Wireless range: 2 m
  • System start-up time:
  • Certifications: Certified to market specific standards / certification bodies.
  • Maintenance: User serviceable parts: seals, batteries and housing spares.
  • Storage life (batteries removed): 5 years
  • Warranty: 2 years


Monday – Friday. 9am – 5pm Eastern Time.
Orders placed outside of store hours may not be filled until store hours resume.

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