Preparing athletes for peak summer performance


"What's so hot about the heat? "

Preparing athletes for peak summer performance.

by:  Stephen Cheung, Ph.D.

It is clear that high ambient or body temperatures can greatly impair athletic performance. Traditionally, the primary cause has been thought to be due to impaired cardiovascular delivery of blood to the muscles. However, many other factors are now known to contribute, from elevated brain temperature to altered neurochemistry to gut blood flow changes. This webinar will survey the multi-faceted impact of heat stress on human physiology. In the second part, major countermeasures for athletes will be discussed, including the efficacy of pre-cooling, the process of heat adaptation, and the role of hydration in optimal performance.

About the webinar presenter:

Stephen Cheung, Ph.D., is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Environmental Ergonomics at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. His research focus is on the impact of heat, cold, and altitude on human physiology and performance. In addition to >90 academic papers, Stephen has recently published seminal reviews in heat adaptation and also the efficacy of pre-cooling. With Hunter Allen, Stephen published Cutting-Edge Cycling in 2012, taking an evidence-based approach to cycling science and training. Since 2002, Stephen has been the sport science editor for Stephen has also consulted with the Canadian Snowboard Team, along with Pearl iZUMi, and Garmin Vector power meters. An avid cyclist ever since seeing Steve Bauer in the 1984 Olympics, Stephen's current passion is for all things cyclocross.


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