UCAN Drink Mix

Size: 30 serving Tub


This product is that it delivers a steady stream of glucose for those folks that suffer from spikes and crashes of blood sugar.


FROM JONAH TO GENERATION UCAN The UCAN story started with a desire to help children with life-threatening hypoglycemia manage their energy levels. This condition required our founders' son Jonah to be tube-fed every 2 hours to maintain normal blood sugar levels. His parents aggressively spearheaded fund-raising, awareness, research, and eventually a scientific discovery that would transform their lives - SuperStarch. From Jonah to Generation UCAN, this is our story. Help us continue to write it.

A ONE-OF-A-KIND ENERGY SOURCE. Our all-natural SuperStarch carbohydrate is a patented ingredient derived from hydrothermally treated non-GMO corn. All carb sources were examined by the top researchers in the world in an effort to find a food that maintained blood sugar levels for the longest period of time. SuperStarch was created for a purpose and is now a revolutionary energy source. There’s a lot of noise on the market, but there’s nothing else like SuperStarch.

UCAN WITH STABLE BLOOD SUGAR An independent IRB study at the University of Oklahoma validated the benefits of SuperStarch for athletes. The results showed that SuperStarch delivers a steady release of glucose that prevents hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, significantly lessens an early spike in blood sugar, and enables maintenance of steady glucose levels without a crash. For athletes, this means reliable, extended energy without the need to refuel repeatedly.

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