TRIATHLON: Sprint - 52 weeks - Beginner

Welcome to your beginner level year long triathlon training plan! This year will be a lot of hard work, but in the end it'll all be worth it! In this plan, there will be different stages of what the focus will be for a block of time. During those stages, you will work on improving different areas, and in some stages, the focus will be putting it all together to improve your overall fitness. You will receive a message like this at the beginning of those stages, explain the focus, the amount of time, and the why behind why you are training the way you are.

Sample Workouts:

Workout #1: 

WU: Build effort on each rep.

50 swim, 50 kick, 50 swim, 50 kick, 50 swim.

MS: Each numbered set is done non-stop as a 200.

#1—100 easy, 50 mod, 50 fast (20”).

#2—50 easy, 100 mod, 50 fast (30”).

#3—50 easy, 50 mod, 100 fast .

CD: 150 easy with drills.

Total: 1000






Once you purchase the plan you will be emailed a PDF explaining how to access your training plan. Please note our store hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time. Any orders placed outside of store hours may not be filled until store hours resume.


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