Half Iron Man Triathlon - 24 weeks - Int (Workout Builder)

This is the plan for a intermediate Triathlete that wants to finish a Half easily and feel strong at the end. You know you can finish a half no worries, but you want to push it a bit and see where the edge of the envelope might be. This plan will require you to use at least 10 hours a week in order to get in the three sports. I have written this so you don't need a power meter, but it will be helpful if you did. You will need a heart rate monitor though. These are the same workouts that I have given my triathletes and I know if you stick with the plan, you'll go great!


Sample Workout:

WU: 15 minute warm-up.

MS: Today is a solid endurance day- 1 hour, nice and smooth. 
Ride and getting in some bursts and having fun.
One burst every 15minutes for 10seconds each. 

Make sure to do 1x20 minutes with wattage at tempo 85-90% FTP. 

CD: cool-down.


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