8 weeks to your fastest Sprint ever!


This plan is made for someone that is ready to improve their sprint! Win more premes, win more final sprints in criteriums and road races. This plan is heavy on sprinting and doing intervals that will increase your explosive PMAX power , along with your FRC (function reserve capacity) . You will have a LONGER sprint with more fatigue resistance than ever before and also a much better initial junp. Stick to the plan, do the work and you'll be winning sprints left and right! This is the same intensive workouts that I give my personal athletes in order to increase the max power.


WU: 15 minutes with watts at Endurance 2 (000w-000w) and getting ready for some hard efforts!
All watts during efforts at Anaerobic Capacity Z6 (000w-000w). Rest period watts are at Endurance Z2 (000w-000w).
MS1: Get in 6x small ring sprints to start- no gear changes- wind the gears out! You should be spinning at 120rpm at the finish of these sprints. Rest for about 2-3 minutes between each.
MS2:Then do 3x Big Ring- one gear change- Jump in the 53:17 from 20mph, and then wind out the gear and shift. Wind out that gear-(110-120rpm) and you are done. Rest for 3-5 minutes between each Big Ring sprint.
MS3: Then 3x big ring – From 53:16 at 23mph- 2 gear changes, again winding out each gear.
MS4: Finish with 1x big ring 53:15- from 26-28mph, and jump hard and sprint til you wind out that 53:13 gear! (this last one can be on a slightly downhill grade to help you get up to speed.)
CD: 10 minutes with watts at Active Recovery Z1 (000w-000w)
One of the goals of this workout is to get you to realize that you do not need to 'dump' the chain into the hardest gear for a sprint. Sprinting starts out with a hard jump in a gear that you can turn over. Then as you 'wind' out each gear, you shift down one. Just like driving a stick-shift car, you 'work' down the gears with the rpm's reach the correct range.


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