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Road Cyclist
9-14 hours per week
To help you obtain your ideal cycling weight


Your ideal cycling weight” Training Plan for advanced cyclists.

Hunter Allen’s experience as a pro cyclist and a world renowned coach helps you get to your ideal cycling weight. This training plan will give you a daily workout that will challenge you and make sure you achieve your ideal cycling weight in just 8 focused weeks. Of course, smart nutrition will be critical as well throughout the 8 weeks. This plan is made for cyclist that is focused on obtaining their ideal cycling weight through smart training and nutrition. This plan will put you on the path to smart training, in order to ramp up your metabolism for optimal fat burning, reduce your overall body fat percentage and improve your fitness. This plan is for the advanced cyclist with 9 to 14 hours a week to train. Don't worry if you have a little less time than that, you'll be able to adjust easily with my guidance tips at the beginning of each week. This plan has been built with wattage, heart heart rate and rate of perceived exertion(RPE) guidelines. These workouts are challenging and you'll need to be fueled properly for them, but it is a fine balance of too much fuel and not enough. Be patient with yourself in the first couple of weeks and make sure you take extra food with you on your rides in case you need it. Do your best and you'll make your fitness and ideal cycling weight goal in short time! Get your plan now and reach your ideal weight sooner than you thought possible!

The included plan has been converted to Training Peaks structured workout format, called Workout Builder. Not only will you see your individual training targets and zones for each workout through the daily workout e-mail reminders and mobile notifications, but you will also see a graphic representation of the workout within the Training Peaks web portal and Training Peaks mobile app. Now you can quickly get a sense of the entire Workout by taking a look at the visual representation which will show you the individual workout elements like warm up, main set(s) (including interval efforts (based upon your FTP) and cool down. You will no longer have to read through the full narrative and in some cases interpret it and calculate your FTP in order to grasp the task at hand. Structured workouts built with the Workout Builder can now be exported for use in third-party apps and select devices including Garmin, Zwift, TrainerRoad, CycleOps Virtual Training, RacerMate, Hurts Ergo and more. Simply click “Export” after building and saving your workout and select the proper file format For more detailed information regarding exporting workouts go to 

Workout Preview

WU: 15 minutes working into Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) 
MS: After you are warmed up, do (1) 3 minute effort all out to get the carbon out of the legs with watts at VO2 (Power Z5, HR Z5, RPE 6-7) and then 2 minutes easy with watts at L2 Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). 
MS: Then do 45 minutes at L3 Tempo (Power Z3, HR Z3, RPE 3-4), NOT race pace, but a notch below uncomfortable, but do-able. Within this 30 minutes, do 10 bursts to Threshold (Power Z4, HR Z4, RPE 4-5 and hold there for 20 seconds, then recover to previous pace.
CD: for at least 10 minutes with watts at L1 Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z21, RPE <2) .
Predicted TSS/IF= 65, .81


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