Strengthening and Stabilization Training For The Cyclist eBook


Do you want to be a better cyclist and/or triathlete? Want to be faster, stronger and pain-free while cycling? This is the companion book to the Stretching and Core Strengthening for the Cyclist. Strength training gets into more exercises that specifically target weak muscles normally experienced with cyclists.

Last count, there are over a million stretching and strengthening exercises, so how do you know which ones will help you the most for cycling? This eBook looks at strength training specifically for the cyclist and triathlete.


42 pages of targeted strengthening exercises geared to target the weak muscles that are underused in cycling and running.

Also included are over 70 photographs showing exercises with proper form and several charts and tables that discuss what functions the different ‘cycling’ muscles perform and the results of having tight, short or weak muscles.


We have picked the best exercises that are targeted for the cyclist. Most of these exercises are programmed to target multiple muscle groups, so you get increased strengthening and stabilization in half the time! These exercises provide you with more happiness on the bicycle. You will get stronger and, therefore, cycle more efficiently. You will also have more flexibility and therefore be more pain-free.
The caveat is that you will need to do these exercises every other day. (Of course, you could choose to do half of a full “routine” every day instead.) You should reserve 20-30 minutes to run through these exercises. With that said, you don’t need to do every exercise in this book each time you work out. Pick a couple from each section and try and spend 30 minutes a day strengthening. The key is consistency! Make sure to take a rest day as well. As your body adapts to the new strength you are building, it will need one day to recover to maximize the muscle building process.
In the beginning: Don’t over-do it. We don’t want you to be so sore that you give up. Do, however, start out slowly and build up to the full amount. Repetitions, sets and actual times will be listed for each exercise.
Again, the exercises listed are intended for the cyclist/triathlete to keep you healthy as well as make you stronger on the bike!
Before doing any of these exercises, it is highly recommended to get in a good warm-up. A brisk 20-minute walk around the block, a 10-minute jog, 5-10 minutes of jumping rope, even 10-15 minutes of spinning on a trainer — it is essential to warm up the muscles that will be worked.
If you have any pain, do NOT perform these exercises. If pain persists, consult a physician.


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