Tour of Colorado: The Palmer Divide 8 Wk Plan - Thrive 41 miles

Tour of Colorado: The Palmer Divide 41 mile Thrive plan

This plan is for the rider who has not ridden up one of these big mountain passes before and is ready to not only conquer the Palmer Divide, but crush it! You will have some incredible views, great climbing and will be strong and psyched for the amazing food at the finish. The plan is for cyclists who normally rides around 15-25 miles as their long ride and is made for a beginning cyclist who wants to crush the 41 mile ride and needs a simple and effective training plan that allows them to finish strongly. This rider has between 4-7 hours a week to train, can get out for 2+ hours on one of the weekend days and is excited to improve with some focused workouts. This plan is written in wattage, heart rate and RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), so any level of cyclist technophobe can use it. If you are using a power meter or smart trainer, this plan DOES include structured workouts that you can download daily from TrainingPeaks. Written by famed cycling coach, Hunter Allen of Peaks Coaching Group, these plans were developed and designed using Hunter’s latest workouts, the same workouts he uses with his personal coaching clients.

Sample Workout:


WU: 10 Minutes of easy spinning and riding into your Endurance Zone (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). Complete 3 x 1-minute fast pedals in warm-up to prepare your legs for the workout.
MS: 1: Micro Bursts! - You will learn to love these. Do 4 x 10-minute Micro-Burst Intervals. A 'Burst' is 15 seconds ON followed by 15 seconds OFF. The ON portion is 150% of threshold power or if using HR, go to Threshold HR. The OFF portion is 50% of threshold power or if using HR, just pedal easy for 15 seconds. Repeat this pattern continually for 10 minutes. Spin easy for 5 minutes between intervals.
Ride at Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3) for the rest of the ride.
CD: 15 Minutes of easy spinning


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