Tour of Colorado: Palmer Divide 10 Wk Plan - Thrive 101 miles

Tour of Colorado: The Palmer Divide 101 mile Thrive plan

If you are doing the 100 miler, and you know you can complete the distance, the climbing, but you are ready to ride with the faster group and push yourself to a strong and quick time, then, this is the plan for you. You know you will need a higher FTP, some more endurance for the legs, back and your will power, but you are ready to make the commitment to crush the Palmer Divide 101! Your normal long rides are in the 80-100 mile range and you can handle the endurance for those rides. This plan is made for an advanced cyclist who wants to kick butt in the 101 mile ride and needs a simple and effective training plan that helps them ride hard and finish strong with bragging rights at the finish line. This rider has between 8-15 hours a week to train, can get out for 4+ hours on one of the weekend days and is excited to improve with some focused workouts. This plan is written in wattage, heart rate and RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), so any level of cyclist technophobe can use it. If you are using a power meter or smart trainer, this plan DOES include structured workouts that you can download daily from TrainingPeaks. Written by famed cycling coach, Hunter Allen of Peaks Coaching Group, these plans were developed and designed using Hunter’s latest workouts, the same workouts he uses with his personal coaching clients.

Sample Workout:


WU: Warm up for 20 minutes of riding, starting out at Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2) and gradually moving into Endurance (Power Z2, HR Z2, RPE 2-3). During the warm-up complete 3 x 1-minute efforts of “fast pedaling” at 110 RPM cadence or above.
MS1 – Once warmed up, complete a 5-minute effort at your perceived threshold. This is a hard effort but not all out. It should be hard to breathe but not leave you breathless. Once complete, ride in your Active Recovery (Power Z1, HR Z1, RPE <2) for 10 minutes, spinning and recovering then move to MS2.
MS2 – TEST. Now that you are fully open and warmed up, let’s go for a killer 20 minute test result! Find a long stretch of road or preferably a low grade climb where you can ride for 20 minutes without interruption. Set your lap function and KILL IT! Really go hard here, but don’t start too hard! A secret tip: hold back a little bit in the first 2-3 minutes then really push! Let your body prepare to handle the lactate generated by this type of effort. Make sure you are recording power, heart rate, and/or distance so we can measure the results.
CD: Spin for 15 easy minutes to shake off the pain!


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